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Buttons Raise Funds for GS8 Sponsors the 2010 Georgetown Super 8 Film Festival The folks over at GS8 put on a festival every year featuring amateur, unedited, un-juried films shot on Super 8. The whole neighborhood comes out and comes together. It’s really amazing.


What paper is best for buttons?

I get this question a lot. The answer depends on the following things: The printer you own The button machine you own The graphics you intend to print Your personal preferences Before I get into the specifics of each one

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ICC Color Profiles

So, your trying to make buttons but your prints keep coming out looking bad. If it’s just a color, issue (yes, too dark, too murky, just sort of wrong looking, all generally fall into a bad color category) before you


Inkjet V. Laser

You need a printer to make buttons. But which printer should you buy? There are two basic types most people can choose from for buttons: Inkjet and Laser. There are other types  like Dye Sublimation printers that are a good